CIS Secondary Membership Confirmation

CIS 2024 Membership Confirmation

The New South Wales Combined Independent Schools Sports Council (NSWCISSC) was formed 28 years ago for the purpose of providing independent school students and staff with the opportunity to participate in State and National school sporting activities previously only available to those in State schools. 

NSWCIS Primary and Secondary representative teams are selected to compete with their peers from the State and Catholic sectors at the various NSWPSSA (Primary) and NSW All Schools (Secondary) activities from which state representative teams are chosen to participate in sporting exchanges with teams from other states and territories.

As a member of CSSA your school has the opportunity to join NSWCIS and be part of the structure that provides over eighty thousand students the opportunity to participate in higher levels of sporting involvement in a wide variety of sports.

NSWCIS publish a list of all the affiliated schools at the beginning of each year. Therefore if you want your school to be a member of CIS for 2024 you must complete the on-line confirmation form by 30 November 2023

Note : schools cannot join NSWCIS part way through the year


CIS Affiliation Fees 2024

  • Primary Affiliation Fee:       $5.18 ($5.70 incl GST) per student    an increase of 34 cents = 6%
  • Secondary Affiliation Fee:  $5.25 ($5.77 incl GST) per student    an increase of 41 cents = 7.5%


CIS Sports Fees 2024

  • $30.03 ($33.04 incl GST) per student      an increase of $6.87 = 26.4%



CIS Sub-Committee Representatives

It is vitally important that CSSA has active representation to CIS committees, as without attendance at meetings CSSA students are not allowed to compete at CIS Level events. This ranges from the big three sports – swimming, cross country and athletics – to “smaller” sports such as tennis, hockey and volleyball. CIS sport is the avenue for elite CSSA students to compete at a higher level.

The CSSA schools in Tier 1 and Tier 2 who are affiliated with CIS MUST nominate at least one primary teacher and one secondary teacher to attend sub-committee meetings & one CIS Carnival throughout the year for a particular sport. 

  • Tier 1Sydney Metro Schools ie South Met, North Met, West Met & Nepean Zones
  • Tier 2: Country Schools 200km OR LESS from Sydney (CBD)

Depending on which sport your school nominates will depend on the number of meetings throughout the year. The delegate will need to attend between 1-3 meetings and usually one full day carnival.

As all CSSA Schools in Tier 1 and Tier 2  will be required to provide a sub-committee representative, Teacher Relief payments will not be covered for these meetings or carnivals.

If your school is in Tier 3 CSSA encourage you to consider nominating a teacher for a sub-committee position.


CIS Sub-Committee Levy (Optional)

A number schools have expressed difficulty in finding a qualified & willing staff member to appoint as their Sub-committee Representative. Therefore if your school is in this position you can opt to pay a Sub-Committee Levy of $450 inc GST instead of providing a staff member. CSSA will use this levy to employ an appropriate person to attend the CIS Sub-Committee meetings and CIS carnival on your behalf.

The $450 levy covers ONE Sub-Committee Representative for either primary or secondary - it does not cover both.

Schools can nominate to pay a Primary levy & a Secondary levy.

Schools will be invoiced at the end of Term 1.


Schools will need to nominate their Primary and Secondary Sub-Committee Representatives or nominate to pay the Sub-Committee levy by 30 November 2023.



School Officials at CIS Carnivals 

As CSSA is part of the NSWCIS affiliation, CSSA are also required to provide officials at all of the major sporting carnivals. Therefore your school will also be expected to support CSSA in this area and may be required to supply one or two officials at the Swimming, X-Country &/or Athletics CIS meets.

These duties are allocated to the schools who have the largest number of students competing at the event.  However, as CSSA are required to supply up to 15 officials at any one carnival your school may only have 4 or 5 students competing. You may also be required to supply a student helper as well as a teacher/adult official. 

If you cannot supply the requested number of officials &/or student helpers your school maybe charged an addition fee to cover these duties.

Note : These carnival duties DO NOT replace your sub-committee representative requirements.


If you have any questions regarding CIS please do not hesitate to contact Amanda Butterworth


Amanda Butterworth
CSSA Assistant Executive Officer
M: 0424 151 071
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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